How To Improve Article Click Through Rates in Article Marketing

The Secret To Successful Article Marketing


When conducting your article writing and marketing, it is crucial to implement certain strategies to help your articles rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) while maintaining excellent article click through rates (CTRs). This will boost the search engine rankings for your articles and increase your website conversion rates.

Article Writing and Marketing is a great way of establishing yourself as an industry expert and to drive highly targeted traffic to your website or Blog. Therefore, you have to ensure that your article(s) add value to your readers, are relevant to the search queries users type in search engines to get to the article, provide real benefits and are worth linking to.

Step 1: Optimize Article for Search Engine Visibility

The simplest and most effective way to optimize an article for search engines is to make sure that the exact targeted keyword phrase appears in the Article headline, beginning of first paragraph, 3-5 times within the article body and within the last paragraph. This approach will help search engines better understand what your article is about.

Step 2: Revise Your Anchor Text

Most article directories enable you to place at least two links back to your website within your resource box at the end of the article. This is where you provide a strong call to action for your users. It is important to use descriptive anchor text for the backlinks instead of the ordinary website URL. This will boost the search engine rankings of your website for the keyword phrase contained in your anchor text. Note: The landing page should be relevant to the anchor text to increase conversion rates, otherwise, your site will experience a high bounce rate.

Step 3: Reduce Reader Boredom

By making your articles short and sweet (300 – 400 words), you quickly give the reader the opportunity to click through to your website before they leave the page. Recent surveys have proven that short articles with a strong call to action have a very high click-through-rate and conversion rates.

Step 4: Strong Call To Action

Internet users will simply read through your article, obtain the valuable information and leave the website. Therefore by providing a strong call to action at the end of each article, you make your readers aware of the step they should take next. This will increase your click-through-rates and boost website conversion rates.

Step 5: Provide a Real Benefit

A user will only click a link in an article if the landing page provides a real benefit to him / her. So to improve your click-through-rates, you have to state a real benefit that will encourage users to click through to your site. Make sure your landing page is relevant and provides the benefit promised.

By implementing the above strategies in your article writing and marketing efforts, you will be able to obtain high search engine rankings, link bait, highly targeted website traffic, an increase in article click-through-rates and higher conversion rates.

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